12th Book

1.The Selfish GiantOscar Wilde

2.The Lottery TicketAnton Chekhov

3.The Last LeafO’ Henry

4.How the camel got its HumpRudyard Kipling

5.Two FriendsGuy de Maupassant

6.The RefugeePearl S Buck

7.Open WindowSaki

11th Book

1.Holiday – Rabindranath Tagore

2.The Necklace – Guy de maupassant

3.The Gift of the MagiO’ henry

4.RefloweringSundara Ramaswamy

5.Every Living Thing – James herriot

6.Kaanchanai – Pudumaipittan

10th Book

1.SamTammy Ruggles

2.The Piano LessonRob Reilly

3.The Face Of Judas IscariotBonnie Chamberlin

4.Swept AwaySusannah Hickling

5.A Close EncounterRex Coker

6.The Summer Flight

7.Caught SneezingOscar Wilde

9th Book

1.A Man who had no eyesMackinlay Kantor

2.Amrita Devi – The Guardian Angle of wood

3.A Race in the Space – About Sunita Williams

4.The Tears of the Desert – Paulo Coelho

5.Visit to the Dentist

6.The Stroke of genius

7.The Thief

8th Book

1.A Mother’s Day Gift

2.A Woman Of Courage – About Saralabehn

3.Sorry, best Friend

4.After the StormDeepa Agarwal

5.The Anteater and the DassieLakshmi Mukundan

6.God, this is Charles

7.The Sunbeam – Dr. Neeraja Raghavan

7th Book

1.A Sage’s Compassion

2.Nature care for nature

3.The Selfish GiantOscar Wilde

4.Ranji’s Wonderful BatRuskin Bond

5.Yannai MalaiManohar Devadoss
The Multiple Facts of my Mudurai

6.George Washington Carver and Peanuts

7.An Interface with an Extra-Terrestrial beings

6th Book

1.The meaning of education – Gril Anthony Georg

2. Tsunamika

3.The Fairy Crane – Japanese Folk Tale

4.Each one is Unique

5.The Unlucky Face – Eunicede Suuza

6.Kari the ElephantDhan Gopal mukherji

7.The Colourful Sweets