12th Book

1.Julius CeasarWilliam Shakespeare

2.The Ceaseless Crusader – From the Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

3.To the land of snowAhtushi Deshpande

4.A Dictionary of the English – Samuel Johnson

5.The mark of vishnuKhushwant Singh


11th Book

1.Bon Voyage – From The Biography of Kalpana Chawla

2.Mercy and Justice – Merchant of VeniceWilliam Shakespeare

3.The FarmerTakazhi Sivasankara Pillai

4.Alice meets Humpty Dumpty – Through the looking Glass – Lewis Carroll

5.The Road to Success – Dale Carnegie

6.Vision for the Nation – India 2020 – APJ Abdul Kalam

10th Book

1.The Model MillionireOscar Wilde

2.Music- The Hope Raiser – Dr Karl Paulnack

3.A Golden Path – A Speech by Gopala Krishna Gokhale

4.Will Thirst Become Unquenchable?

5.Making Visible the Invisible – Kalpana Sharma

6.A Flight with the moon on their wings

7.Our Heritage – A Timeless Marvel

9th Book

1.Buds to Blossoms

2.Gaia Tells Her Tale

3.The will to win – A  Biography of Anitha Khushwaha

4.The One Minute Apology – From the Biography of Abraham Lincoln

5.The Marvelous Machine

6.Miriam’s letter – Dhumketu

7.When Catastrophe Strikes

8th Book

1.The Wooden Bowl – Leo Tolstoy

2.The Power of Laughter

3.Living Amicably – From the Biography of APJ Abdul Kalam

4.The Brave Rani of Jhansi

5.Our Winged Friends – Zai Whitaker
Salim Ali For Schools: A Children’s Biography

6.The Unforgettable Johny

7.What is your Address?

7th Book

1.Gone Forever – Barbara Reeves

2.The Neem TreeIndira Ananthakrishnan

3.In Quest of India’s Freedom – A Biography of Subash Chandra Bose

4.Dreams Can Come True – Chess and Viswanathan Anand

5.Diwakar – An Icon fro Children

6.Creating Space to be Human – About Kiran Bedi

7.The Iron Man

6th Book

1.Her Dream Bicycle

2.Boat Song

3.An Open Letter – Chief Seathl

4.The Mystery of Language – From the Biography of Helen Keller

5.Those three Bears – Ruskin Bond

6.The Cherry Tree – Ruskin Bond

7.Why the sky is far away?


1.The Helping Hand – E.M Forster

2.Swami and the sum – R.K. Narayan