Match the Poems with the Poets



A Psalm Of Life Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Women’s Rights Annie Louisa Walker
The Nation United Walt Whitman
English Words V.K.Gokak
Snake D.H.Lawrence
The Man He Killed Thomas Hardy
Off To Outer Space Tomorrow Morning Norman Nicholson
Sonnet No 116 William Shakespeare
The Solitary Reaper William Wordsworth
Be The Best Douglas Malloch
O Captain My Captain Walt Whitman
Laugh And Be Merry John Masefield
Earth Khalil Gibran
Don’t Quit Edgar A Guest
The Apology Ralph Waldo Emerson
Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face Jack Prelutsky
A Sonnet For My Incomparable Mother F Joanna
The Flying Wonder Stephen Vincent Benet
To A Millionaire Archibald Lampman
The Piano D.H.Lawrence
Manlines Rudyard Kipling
Going For Water Robert Frost
The Cry Of The Children Elizubeth Barrett Browning
Migrant Bird Famida Y Basher
Shilpi Ashwin Parthiban
Where The Mind Is Without Fear Rabindranath Tagore
Is Life But A Dream Lewis Carroll
Punishment In Kindergarten Kamala Das
Ninth Gold Medals David Roth
Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair Grace Nichol
With A Friend Vivian Gould
To Cook And Eat Emma Richard
To India My Native Land Hendry Louis Vivian Derozio
A Tiger In The Zoo Leslie Norris
No Men Are Foreign James Kirkup
Discovery Mary Jo Salter
Biking Oilersmyth
Inclusion Dipti Bhatia
Bat Randall Jarell

Which Nationality the Poet belongs to ?






Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
F Joanna
Walt Whitman
Khalil Gibran
Stephen Vincent Benet
Edgar A Guest
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Frost
Jack Prelutsky




Annie Louisa Walker
Thomas Hardy
Rudyard Kipling
William Shakespeare
William Wordsworth
Elizubeth Barrett Browning
CANADIAN Archibald Lampman


Famida Y Basher
Rabindranath Tagore
Kamala Das

Identify the Author with the short story



The Model Millionaire Oscar Wilde
The Selfish Giant Oscar Wilde
The Music Hope Raiser Dr. Karl Paulnack
The Road Tosuccess Dale Carnige
Vision For The Nation(From India 2020) Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
Our Local Team Ruskin Bond
Keep Your Spirits High Hopespencer
After The Strom Deepa Agarwal
You Can’t Be That No You Can’t Be That Brian Patten
To The Land Of Snow Ahtushi Deshpande
Farmer Thakazhi Sivasankran Pillai
My Mother House Kamala Das
Swami And Sun R.K.Narayan
Kari, The Elephant Dhan Gopal Mukherji
The Neem Tree Indra Anantha Krishnan
The Ant Eater And The Dassie Lakshmi Mukuntan
The Sun Beam Dr. Neeraja Raghavan
The Selfish Giant Oscar Wilde
The Lottery Ticket Anton Chekhov
The Last Leaf O’henry
How The Camel Got Its Hump Rudyard Kipling
Two Friends Guy De Maupassant
Refugee Pearl S Buck
The Open Window Saki
A Man Who Had No Eyes Mackinlay Kantor
The Tears Of The Desert Paula Coelho
Sam Tammy Ruggles
The Piano Rob Reilly
The Face Of Judas Iscoriot Bonnie Chamberian
Swept Away Susannah Hickling
A Close Encounter Rox Coker
Caught Sneezing Oscar Wilde
The Wooden Bowl Leo Tolstoy’s
Swami Andthe Sun R.K. Narayan
Reflowering Sundara Ramaswamy
Holiday Rabindranar Tagore
The Necklace Guy De Maupassant